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About US

Hipopose was launched in 2021 after we saw a void in the Indian market for high-performance, eco-friendly yoga mats. Our mats overcome the flaws of the country’s existing yoga mats and are designed to meet European Mat Standards.
Hipopose mats are made with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees, and natural cotton. Our mats are clean of synthetic rubber and plastic, which are not only harmful to the environment but also to human skin over time. 

Why Us ?


Made from                

 Cotton & Rubber


Wear and tear     



Withstands water-damages 

while washing


Non-slippery when 

practitioners sweat


Free from PVC and other 

toxic chemicals


Easy to fold and 

carry around

Hipo mats

Our Yoga mats are made from natural and sustainable materials which makes them PVC- free, recyclable, and biodegradable. From being eco-friendly, durable, and washable to grippy, we redefine perfection.

Hipo Lite

It’s best for amateur yogis who are just getting started with their practice. HipoLite is available in 3 different colours. 

Hipo Pro

It’s best for proficient yogis who need more support and bounce during their practice. HipoPro mats come in 3 cool colours.

A breakthrough in breathability

We create the highest-quality, most environmentally friendly yoga mats possible.